A Cloud Service

As a cloud service, it means unrestricted access to the system from anywhere, at anytime

Tailored User Experience

A UI/UX designed with every user group in mind to keep you comfortable as you progress with your event.

Diverse Tools

No need for third party services, one platform that covers all you need for a greater experience.


With just one events.cm account, switch to an event planner at anytime and manage multiple events simultaneously. Each event created is completely sepearate from others and you can easily switch between them while keeping their data separate.Your events are never deleted! Visit your past events to gather data to use in upcoming events and even learn from past experience.

Get live an instant statistics on every activity on your event. Rich analytics of data through graphs to give you an excellent interpretation of your progress. Configure to receive alerts on each sale or visit of your events page. Monitor sales and registration to your event as it happens.

One page for a complete summary of your event. Get a general overview of every aspect of your event from one vintage point -Your Dashboard.

Notify guests on any changes in the events program rapidly and effectively by SMS or Email. Keep your guests in sync with changes in activities to build a reputation of excellence.

You do not have to do all the work alone. Delegate! Add administrative users to your events and give them controlled access to some features. They can now access your event and assist you in the management.

Market and promote your events through various channels. refined deigital marketing to target all your potential attendees. Promote your event through Bulk SMS, Bulk Emails and Through Mobile and Desktop Notifications.

Facilitate access to your event registration by creating multiple offline POS in different cities. This POS can access your event sales module while you monitor all saleS from event dashboard. Make it possible for non internet users to be able to easily purchase tickets for your events.


Registration and Ticketing

Simple Event Creation and Configuration

It takes very few steps to create your event. A simple form is all it takes.

Free or Paid

Choose whether your event is free or paid. Whichever works for you and still welcome registrants. For free events your attendees are presented a simple registration form.

Multiple Tickets

If your event is paid, you can create unlimted number of tickets and configure their sales date. They will only be available on sale within the dates you choose.

Ticket Statistics

Get statistics on sales of each ticket separtely.

User Notifications

Notify users by Email and SMS when ever they purchase a ticket or register for your event.

Payment Methods

Users can pay for event tickets by Mobile Money, Orange Money and PayPal.

Coupon Management

Create coupons to entice guests to your event. Set quantity availaible and date limits.

Check-In Code

Attendees receive a unique check-in code by SMS and Email when they register for you event

Multiple Administrative Users

Create Multiple administrative users with controlled access to assist you in the management of your event.


Instant Reply

Receive messages directly from users who visit your events page into your event's inbox. Respond to this users with Instant Reply via SMS or Email

Tell A Friend

Upload your list of contacts into the platform and instantly notify them by Email or SMS.

Guest Notfication

Select guests from your guest list and notify them by Email or SMS

Changes in Program

Notify guests of any changes in your event by SMS or Email

Advertising, Promotion, Marketing

Mobile Adverts

Reach event enthusiasts directly via the Events.cm mobile app with custom notifications sent to mobile users.

Desktop Notifications

Send desktop notifications directly to users computers to direct them to your events page

SMS Adverts

SMS's have a 96% opening rate. Use the bulk SMS tool for your event to reach your target audience.

Email Adverts

Events.cm integrates with SendGrid to optimize email marketing. Use a custom template to send Marketing mails to your target audience. Simply upload an Excel sheet of your contacts and mail them.

Personalised Website

Create a personalised website for your event in less than 30 mins and share a shorter simpler link with your guest. Include more information on your website to appeal your guests and sponsors.

Sales and Finances

Ticket Sales

Sell event tickets via Mobile Money and Orange Money (in Cameroon) or Paypal.

Multiple POS

Create unlimited point of sales in different cities, give them credentials (username and passwords) to access your event sales module and sell your ticket. Monitor live statistics from each sales point.

Sales Analytics

Get live analytics on each ticket sales and total sales from different cities for marketing intelligence.

Manage all Income in One Place

Manage all your events income and expenses and allow know your profits or losses instantly.

Withdrawal Request

To withdraw money from your sales, simply fill a secured withdrawal request and receive your money via Orange or Mobile Money in less than 48hrs.

Events Day Management

Attendee Check-In Code

Authenticate attendees to your event with the Check-In Code they received during ticket purchase.

Attendee QR Code

Simpler, Quicker and cleaner. Scan attendee QR Code sent to them via mail during ticket purchase.

Attendance Analytics

Get live analytics on attendance rate at your event

Multiple Check-In Points

Create Multiple check-in point to cut long queues.

Attendee Notifications

Send thank you messages to attendees or other messages by SMS or Email on events day.

Personalised Website

Personalised Website

Personalise your user experience with a branded and designed website for your event. Share a simple link to your event on social media.

Event Schedule

Share your event schedule on your website

Event Sponsors

Give your sponsors reason to smile, display their logos and links on your website.

Image Gallery

Entice your site visitors with an image gallery of past event experiences

Registration / Ticket Sales

Sell Tickets or allow users to register directly from your website.

Google Map Location

Allow your users to find your event venue via Google Map integrated on your website.

Call For Spaekers

For conferences and similar events, include a simple Call for Speakers form to recive applications from interested speakers at your event.

Voting For Awards

The voting module allows you to create categories and items under these categories. Users who visit your website can then vote for these items as you receive live results in your events dashboard.

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